How To Create Highly Scalable Web Backends for app Developers

In this document we want to show app developers how they can build highly scalable web backends to realize their app ideas. There are many tutorials about building backends which will fit your needs at the beginning. But if your app succeeds the amount of users will grow – and also your server load will. With the higher load the response time of your backend will increase dramatically. At this point you want to add some additional machines to increase the power of your cluster. But that’s not that easy if your datastorage is based on a single conventional relational database like mysql.

In this tutorial we will walk through the creation of a tiny iOS application with a highly scalable web backend using:

We will build a tiny blogging application where registered users can create posts which can be read by anyone.



The target audience of this tutorial are iOS Developers which require a backend for an app. Therefore it’s based on OSX. Because the backend is based on Lovely Pyrest it runs on all popular UNIX-like systems such as Linux and FreeBSD. Setup and installation instructions may differ.

Getting the Source Code from Github

If you want the sources of the app we create in this tutorial, clone the lovely.microblog repository.

Cloning the source code installs a copy of the repository on your computer. You must have git installed to do this:

git clone

The repository contains three directories:


The /backend directory contains all the sources for the backend application and a README file. Follow the instructions in README to setup the app.

The /frontend directory contains sources of the iOS app and the xcode workspace:

open frontend-ios/microblog/microblog.xcworkspace